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hi ...everyone o,o

i have no ship that i love other then dean and sammy.. now i also love bucky and steve... i love them... if anyine know new fic about them please sent me some link,.would to read some

hi can someone help me find a fic

hi do you know any fic about jensen is mob boss and jared is a undercover cop and he got impreganat.. i think jensen went to jail but got out and lfind jared can you help me find out or you know where i can read it...? hope u can

help find

hi can anyone help me find a fic is about a mob boss jensen and and jared was a undercover cop and jensen got him impregnent... can anyone prety please sent me a fic or sent me a prd link

supernatural episode reacted

omg who love this epiosde..did ya saw how sam act when he saw the clown omg that was cute..i just wann hug him.. lol

i love this episode

can anyone help me with it

Hey everyone's can anyone please tell me if they have the . Write. The episode of teen dean I wander if some one can write me teen Sammy instead of dean really want to read one of those so pretty please (ಥ﹏ಥ). I so want to read that ( ゚ヮ゚).

Or if you know someone write one can you sent me to the link please

Aug. 11th, 2014

hmm hi everyone, how you been? i hope everyone doing good,im okay just alittle tired
ohc i need to lose some weight, parent are being mean again
omg so dean become a demon when he die// awww sammy is willing to sommom a crawler for dean again aww i ,love sammy and dean... and sammy he will do that again.. i love those brother bond... but whoa sammy gonna be surpirse when he see dean eye black
hi everyone!!! how you been up too? i hope everyone doing okay..
omg it so funny when crowley was stealing candy and the brother face like really you doing this now.it so funny.. lol i love it..and aww love the supernatural